Business Process Outsourcing in Vietnam

Business Process Outsourcing

As a savvy business owner, you're aware of the importance of technology in upgrading your company. However, if your organization is not tech-focused, setting up a new department to fuel your tech ideas may seem too costly. Outsourcing is a viable alternative, with research showing that 78% of firms have a favorable connection with their outsourcing partner!

However, you may be concerned about security breaches and time differences when outsourcing. At our company, we take your security seriously and are willing to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that your information remains safe. We can also schedule meetings that fit both our schedules to address any concerns you may have.

Outsourcing not only provides your business with more freedom in terms of time and money but also opens up to new ideas to improve your workflow from experienced tech engineers in the field. If you're considering leaving it to the experts, consult with us to improve the productivity and growth of your business. We're just a phone call away and are always available to answer any questions you may have!

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Introduction to Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a strategic business decision in which an organization outsources an IT-intensive business process to an external service provider who can manage and administer it based on mutually agreed-upon KPIs. BPO offerings can be categorized into two types: horizontal, which can be applied across industries, and vertical, which requires specific knowledge of a particular industry or process.

By outsourcing IT business processes, organizations can reduce operational costs and focus on scaling other core business processes. Outsourcing provides several benefits, including access to a vast pool of skilled professionals, reduced labor costs, and increased efficiency. It also enables companies to streamline their operations, enhance customer service, and increase profitability.

At Dirox, here in Vietnam, we understand the importance of outsourcing and guarantee to provide you with a team of experienced professionals who can handle your tasks with measurable results. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in our approach, which emphasizes timely delivery, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. With Dirox, you can expect a reliable and competent partner who can help you achieve your business objectives. 

Our Company’s Business Process Outsourcing Services

  • Algorithms & Bot Scripts
  • Web Scraping
  • Data Curation
  • Management: Project Manager, Scrum Master, PMO, Functional Expert, IT Advisory
  • Development: Front-End, Back-End, Mobile Native & Cross Platform
  • Testing: Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Testing Automation
  • UX/UI: Designers
  • Infrastructure: Cloud Architecture, Security, Customer Support

Why Use Business Process Outsourcing Services?

  • Focus better on the core operations of your business
  • Save costs and increase productivity with experts
  • Improve results in non-core functions in the IT department
  • Scale up faster and double your resources by outsourcing 
  • Access to a wide range of IT experts and tools

Applications of Business Process Outsourcing

  • Boost your company’s productivity with an upgraded internal IT system
  • Have your team collaborate better with the latest technology tools implementation
  • Improve speed and efficiency with cutting-edge breakthrough technology
  • Lower labor costs with offshore outsourcing in Vietnam
  • Increase sales with the new data insights gained from the IT outsourcing department

Why Choose Dirox?

Creativity & Relevancy

Propositions & advice for all industries, B2B, F&B, Industry, Tourism, Tech, Health, Automobile, Finance, Arts & Crafts, NGO, and more! Western consultants with an international experience in countless projects to get the Best Practices in every situation.

Affordability & Quality

Our rates are lower than that of European & American Branding & Marketing agencies. Affordable experts' insights and advice and better R.O.I for all your activities.

Convenience & Cohesion

A one-stop shop with active communication between all Dirox’s services: Branding, Marketing, Business, App Development, Testing… to make sure your project is handled smoothly and coherently.

Amplify Your Capabilities with Skilled IT Professionals
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Your Questions About Business Process Outsourcing

Have other questions? Get in touch with our team via
What is the difference between Data Mining & Web Scraping?
Web Scraping extracts data from web sources and rearranges it into a legible and understandable format. With scraping tools and applications and access to the World Wide Web, you can gather valuable data and extract it according to your needs. However, it does not involve any data processing or analysis. Data Mining, on the other hand, is the process of analyzing large data sets to uncover patterns and trends as well as useful information and insights. Data mining does not involve data extraction. Web scraping can be used to extract data for mining.
How does Dirox build my team that caters to my business needs?
At Dirox, we believe our employees are our greatest asset. When assembling a team for you, we take great care in choosing the most suitable persons, based on your company and requirements for the job. We can guarantee a team of experts with years of experience operating the IT department in different industries who are ready to listen to your business needs.
How do I know my data is secure?
Rest assured that we put the security of your information as a top priority on our list. We ensure a 3-level security: physical, network, and employees. Dirox understands your data security concerns and how detrimental it can affect your business. To take it another step, all of our BPO agents have to sign a confidentiality agreement before joining the team!
Which country is the best for business process outsourcing?
The answer will depend greatly on your needs as a company. Do you require a specific time zone? Will your BPO agents be dealing directly with your customers? What’s your budget? There are also many other factors that decide what the “best” country is for business process outsourcing, such as: cost, availability, talent, skills, business environment, and more. Vietnam is a fast-developing country in Southeast Asia that puts great emphasis on information technology, especially in recent years. Many businesses choose to outsource to Vietnam because of the low cost and impressive gains from talents to tools. Choose Dirox for Western best management practices and Vietnamese flexible talents!