Infrastructure Maintenance and Monitoring Outsourcing in Vietnam

Infrastructure Maintenance and Monitoring

The infrastructure is the backbone of any business and corporation, but as with technological evolution, traditional infrastructure cannot keep up with the accelerating change. Maintaining and monitoring your infrastructure is essential for you to be competitive.

IT infrastructure management service (IMS) handles administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization. We transform your infrastructure from hardware-oriented that requires manual care to software-defined with automatic monitoring.

With Dirox, you can successfully maintain and monitor your IT infrastructure with our professional team and latest technology to help you step up in the competition.

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Introduction to Infrastructure Maintenance and Monitoring

Every business of every size must take proactive measures to maintain and monitor IT infrastructure to increase productivity, reduce downtime, improve cybersecurity and increase cost predictability. But many are still unsure about what it means to outsource these services.

What is infrastructure anyway? It’s a building block for every civilization, but to keep it continuously running and advancing, you need to have people maintaining and monitoring it to make sure that it is progressing for the better.

Same thing with your organization, which is a mini civilization with a mini culture! The IT infrastructure is what keeps your business running, but it would be a waste of resources and cost to do it yourself. Working with Dirox can lift this responsibility onto their shoulders where a team of IT professionals is on standby to maintain and monitor your infrastructure.

Our Company’s Offshore Services of Infrastructure Maintenance and Monitoring

  • IT infrastructure architecture
  • Intranet solutions
  • Cloud backup
  • VoIP
  • Office365
  • Emails
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Service desk management
  • Hot-fix deployment

Why Use Outsourced Infrastructure Maintenance and Monitoring Services?

  • Reduce downtime and increase employee productivity
  • Administer and manage technology, information, and data in a proactive manner
  • Provide rapid response to any cyber attack and IT-related crisis
  • Contribute to higher customer satisfaction and experience
  • Streamline day-to-day IT functions and operations

Applications of Infrastructure Maintenance and Monitoring

  • Optimize system performance and minimize the risk of database system shutdown
  • Identify any cyber threat that is attacking your network and respond promptly
  • Increase the productivity of your IT infrastructure to gather more insights and increase customer satisfaction
  • Monitor system performance and detect it dipping as early as possible with a professional monitoring team
  • Focus on your core business strategies by outsourcing infrastructure maintenance and management

Why Choose Dirox?

Effective synergy

We believe clear communication is the core of any good collaboration. Dirox wants to ensure that every requirement and feedback from our client is heard and tended to.

Strong expertise

Our team at Dirox comes from Canada, France, Vietnam and Japan, each with their own strong suit. From consultants, tech engineers, to developers and project managers, are all ready to deliver you the highest quality!


Dirox is set on solving real-life problems and bringing businesses to another level. Our priority in the long term is to help our clients reach their destination and succeed through productivity improvements.

Amplify Your Capabilities with Skilled IT Professionals
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Your Questions About Infrastructure Maintenance and Monitoring

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Why does my business need IT maintenance services?
Since IT infrastructure is the base on which a business operates, it can be a big and complicated task to maintain and monitor it continuously. Your option could be to hire an in-house IT staff to do this, but it can be extremely costly and overwhelming with unceasing issues coming. Having an IMS provides clear boundaries on how business infrastructure is managed. When transferring the job of keeping your IT infrastructure working correctly and efficiently to Dirox, you can relax because our team will be right here monitoring and handling problems as soon as they arrive.
What makes up an IT infrastructure?
Three components make up the IT infrastructure: hardware, software, and networking. The hardware is the servers, data centers, personal computers, routers, and anything that can be physically touched. Softwares are the applications that businesses use to manage their operations such as web servers, content management systems, etc. The last component, interconnected networking enables network operations, management, and communication between internal and external networks.
In case of a problem or a force majeure situation, how fast can you start working on a solution?
What kind of systems do you support?