Technology on Demand Outsourcing in Vietnam

Technology on Demand

Your have strong & clear objectives but are unsure about which technology can best help you achieve them? Look no further! Our company provides IT Consulting services to advise you on the different options to consider and make the right strategic choices!

At Dirox, we have a large and experienced team of tech engineers, cybersecurity experts, designers, testers, and IT consultants to work with you and bring your business the best technology solutions… on demand! We will provide your business with the human resources to complete any task or job you need us to.

Consult with us to give your organization a digital makeover and make your business more productive, efficient, and intelligently organized.

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Introduction to Technology on Demand

Dirox is committed to helping you take technological actions to set your business apart from the standard with our on-demand technology solutions. But what is technology on demand? What does it mean for your business to hire a technology on-demand consultation service?

There is no one definition for the term: it just means we will be helping you achieve what you need to achieve using the most appropriate techs & methods. Depending on what your business requires, and in which area of expertise in the vast field of technology, we will consult and provide services, human resources, or materials for you to attain that.

Our consultation and development services are completely tailored to your business needs, either to help you build strategies, policies, and procedures, or deliver a business analysis, market research, and report.

Our team of experts include leaders, managers, consultants, engineers, R&D department and more, that specialize in every technological aspect, including: AI/ML, Internet of Things, Data Science and Big Data, Cybersecurity, Blockchain technology, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud Technology and DevOps.

Our Company’s Offshore Technology on Demand Services

  • Discovery Phase
  • Functional Requirements
  • Product Owner Services
  • CIO on Demand
  • CTO on Demand
  • Developers on Demand

Why Use Outsourced Technology on Demand Services?

  • Create new technological opportunities in your organization
  • Accelerate the company's growth with innovative implementations 
  • Eliminate competition with steady digital improvements across the company
  • Organize your company efficiently with custom consultations
  • Capture a wider range of customers with personalized technology solutions

Applications of Technology on Demand

  • Craft a technological strategy and solution to rise up in the industry
  • Build up security to protect your technological infrastructure
  • Automate tasks to promote productivity and efficiency in your company
  • Learn about the market needs and make informed decisions with market research
  • Optimize your business plan by analyzing the organization’s performance

Why Choose Dirox?

Creativity & Relevancy

Propositions & advice for all industries, B2B, F&B, Industry, Tourism, Tech, Health, Automobile, Finance, Arts & Crafts, NGO, and more! Western consultants with an international experience in countless projects to get the Best Practices in every situation.

Affordability & Quality

Our rates are lower than that of European & American Branding & Marketing agencies. Affordable experts' insights and advice and better R.O.I for all your activities.

Convenience & Cohesion

A one-stop shop with active communication between all Dirox’s services: Branding, Marketing, Business, App Development, Testing… to make sure your project is handled smoothly and coherently.

Amplify Your Capabilities with Skilled IT Professionals
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Your Questions About Technology on Demand

Have other questions? Get in touch with our team via
What is a CTO?
CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer, belonging to the C-suite executives. The person who holds this title is in charge of leading the technology and engineering department. They work with other executives to understand the goal of the company and shape their technological strategy in the same direction. Their task includes making the most of any technology and boosting a company’s potential. Some of the most important skills that a CTO holds are communication, leadership, business development, financial and technical grasp. There often is confusion between the roles of CTO and CIO. While both are similar in IT expertise, CTOs usually look outward – improving customer experience using technology, while CIOs tend to look inwards – improving company procedures and operations using technology.
What is a CIO?
CIO stands for Chief Information Officer, also belonging to the C-suite executives. The person holding this title is in charge of information technology (IT) management, strategy, and implementation in an organization. One of their main goals is to continuously invent and improve the internal technology process to maximize productivity. Their job includes but is not limited to: approving the purchases of IT equipment, delegating tasks to increase productivity, overseeing new network and implementation, strategizing, and creating solutions that align with the company’s goals.
How much does it cost to hire an outsourced technology consultant?
The cost to hire an outsourced technology consultant depends on many factors, such as the position of the person and the range of tasks they are responsible for. Here are some of our consultant talents: developer backend senior, developer backend middle, developer front senior, developer front middle, developer mobile senior, developer mobile middle, project manager, QC, business analyst, CTO, solution architect senior, functional senior expert, product owner, DevOps - admin, and more. Dirox has virtually every technological consultant on demand who is ready to take on the job and deliver results. Consult with us for specific rates and more information.
What types of contracts do you offer for Technology On Demand?
Dirox always puts our clients first with our flexible working structure. We provide three types of collaboration models. With a fixed-price project, we work with you to define the scope of work, requirements, and a fixed timeline and deliver the project in the exact scope for a fixed price. Our second collaboration model is “à la carte” style, where you can access the resources you need for a specific period of time, at our standard rate. Essentially, we are providing human resources and materials in time. The last model is called build, operate & transfer where we build and manage a tailor-made legal entity (such as a new department) and transfer it to you when the time is right.