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Users and Clients Support

Did you know? Customers are more inclined to write negative reviews than positive ones because they are more affected by a bad experience rather than a good one. Having good customer service changes where you stand in the competition. What’s more, with social media and global connectivity, bad reviews online could impact your business greatly. 

At Dirox, we provide outsourced IT customer support for businesses to assist you with satisfying your customers. Aside from supporting your customers, we also support you!

Every business needs support for their IT system with a single point of contact to address your technical issues quickly and efficiently so that your business can continue to operate incessantly. From online training your team to quality control testing, we do it all. Consult with Dirox to work with our proven IT support specialists!

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Introduction to Users and Clients Support

IT support has changed tremendously in recent years with the evolution of technology and the way people interact with technology. It used to be a phone call, but now customers can get their answers and help through websites, forums, social media, chatbots, and emails in addition to telephone calls.

The range for support can be as simple or as detailed as the user & client want it to be. At times, it could take a few minutes to resolve the problem. Other times, it’s up to hours or days. There are three types of IT support that Dirox provides: block hours, time and material, and managed services.

Block hours are when businesses wish to pay a discounted rate for the service for a specific amount of hours. For the time and material, you will receive any material you require for a predetermined fee. And lastly, for managed services, businesses can negotiate a fee to fix a specific problem. It could be round-the-clock IT support or a visit by an IT professional.

Our Company’s Offshore Services of Users and Clients Support in French, English & Vietnamese

  • Documentation (manuals, FAQs, knowledge base
  • Dedicated teams (help desk)
  • Hotline assistance
  • Online chat assistance
  • Remote desktop assistance
  • Ticketing system
  • Escalation to developers
  • Quality Control (automated or manual testing)
  • Online training for your teams

Why Use Outsourced Users and Clients Support Services?

  • Heighten brand awareness with great customer service
  • Empower your staff with positive customer feedback
  • Improve your team efficiency with the availability of go-to technical support
  • Pinpoint trends in recurring issues with root cause analysis
  • Aligned IT support that understands your business needs

Applications of Users and Clients Support

  • Work without worry knowing a team of IT professionals are monitoring the system and catching errors as soon as they arise
  • Improve your data sources to retrieve better insights and increase customer satisfaction
  • Focus your staff on strategic goals by reducing in-house IT staff and outsourcing it to Dirox
  • Implement the latest technology to your IT system and rise in the competition against other players

Why Choose Dirox?

Effective synergy

We believe clear communication is the core of any good collaboration. Dirox wants to ensure that every requirement and feedback from our client is heard and tended to.

Strong expertise

Our teams at Dirox come from Canada, France, Vietnam and Japan, each with their own strong suit. From consultants, tech engineers, to developers and project managers, are all ready to deliver you the highest quality!


Dirox is set on solving real-life problems and bringing businesses to another level. Our priority in the long term is to help our clients reach their destination and succeed through productivity improvements.

Amplify Your Capabilities with Skilled IT Professionals
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Your Questions About Users and Clients Support

Have other questions? Get in touch with our team via
How responsive are your Help Desk Teams?
Our Help Desk Teams are highly responsive, providing swift assistance within 24 hours to ensure your business runs smoothly.
Our company wants to outsource our software or app support, how can you help?
You can outsource any IT-related issue to Dirox! By outsourcing your software or app support, we will make sure that your customers receive the best care they need and heighten your brand name with amazing customer service.
What does your training include?
A great customer service agent accumulates experience to help deal with any issues with calmness and confidence. Our training will give them the first step, and incorporate some fun cases to help to learn to be more engaging and memorable. Four basic components make a successful customer service agent: product and service knowledge, customer service skills, competency in using customer service tools, and understanding authority levels. Training with Dirox will co-operate all of that and more. We will train your team to be flexible with the way they choose to interact with their customers, depending on the situation and how the customer reacted. Coming out of this training, your team will be more capable of being more confident in themselves altogether, handling customer loyalty crises, and building your brand image.