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Internet of Things

In the 21st century, the Internet of Things has emerged as one of the most influential technologies, revolutionizing the way we live and work. With IoT devices becoming an integral part of our daily lives, we are witnessing a transformation in every sector, from healthcare and transportation to smart homes and cities. For instance, healthcare providers are now using IoT devices to remotely monitor patients' vital signs, while smart cars use them to enhance driving experiences and increase safety. Governments are using IoT sensors to improve traffic management and reduce congestion in cities.

At our IoT outsourcing company, Dirox Labs, we understand the potential of this technology and provide IoT solutions to help businesses optimize their operations. We offer expert consultation to help you identify what your business needs and how IoT can help you achieve your goals. Our team of skilled developers can assist you in implementing IoT solutions tailored to your business requirements, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation.

With our IoT development services, you can enhance your business operations, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide better customer experiences. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take advantage of the endless possibilities of the Internet of Things.

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Introduction to Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a captivating yet often elusive concept. Essentially, it refers to a network of devices that can connect and exchange data with one another through the internet. It's important to note that IoT devices are not typically expected to have an internet connection, so traditional computing devices like PCs and smartphones would not be considered part of this network.

IoT applications leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to gather data on various aspects of the physical world and translate it into valuable insights for businesses. This technology is utilized by governments, healthcare facilities, businesses, and homes alike, facilitating location tracking, remote management, and enabling cheaper and more environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

At Dirox, we specialize in helping businesses implement IoT solutions that involve a combination of devices, wearables, data sources, internet-connected hardware, and sensors. Our solutions aim to provide valuable information that helps answer critical questions and solve complex problems.

Our Company’s Offshore Internet of Things Services

  • IoT consulting
  • PoC (Proof of Concept) development
  • IoT apps development for PC & Mobile
  • AI and Machine Learning integration
  • APIs integration
  • Remote control software development
  • Hardware set-up & configuration
  • Data collection & transmission (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, Internet…)
  • IoT data analytics
  • Functional, security & performance testing

Why Use our Outsourced IoT Services?

  • Derive data-driven insights on consumer purchasing behavior
  • Monitor your overall business process more closely to manage growth
  • Scale easily and reliably to billions of devices through an elastic cloud infrastructure
  • Accelerate innovation, integrate and adapt your business model to fit in with the era
  • Automate tasks for business agility and efficiency

Applications of IoT

  • Be warned of dangers and failures in any given environment with intelligent devices equipped with sensors or that are connected to alert systems (e.g: factories, plantations, power-plants, sewage systems...)
  • Improve overall efficiency and productivity by offering better coordination between your machines, robots, computers... and workers!
  • Learn more about consumer habits by passively collecting data
  • Imagine groundbreaking wearables or devices that change people’s lives for the best
  • Make homes more livable and more energy-efficient with intelligent appliances and furniture

Why Choose Dirox?

Pioneers of the field

Dirox Labs was created to study and help businesses transform with the continuously evolving technology. We have an assembled team of unmatched talents who are innovation & development experts.

Top-tier consultation

Still don’t get what this new technology is all about? Reach out to us to talk to our experienced consultants who will help you understand what it is and how it can benefit your business!

Competitive Rates

Our offshore Vietnam team provides cost-effective IoT solutions, ensuring you stay ahead in the connected world.

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Your Questions about IoT

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What technologies are used to make the Internet of Things work?
IoT is a network of interconnected devices that use sensors to study, monitor, report on, send, and exchange data. IoT devices are typically connected to the internet via data or Wifi networks. However, IoT is not limited to these technologies, more examples include actuators, cloud, Bluetooth, speakers, and touch screens. IoT devices can take the form of RFID chips and smart devices as well.
How is IoT useful to the supply chain?
Since IoT has been gaining popularity and experimented with in different fields, the supply chain industry was completely transformed by this technology. In a supply chain, at every step of the process, IoT solutions are used to optimize and accelerate the operation. Here are some useful ways IoT has advanced the supply chain. - Inventory Forecasting: With machine learning, IoT can learn over time the pattern that enables an accurate forecast and immediately plans interventions if a problem is detected. - Monitoring & tracking: IoT systems like RFID helps supply chain managers locate the exact shipment or asset in real-time. This helps increase transparency which contributes to improved customer satisfaction. It can also monitor the storage conditions of raw materials and products. - Administration: The implementation of IoT has helped automate warehouse operations in large warehouses for major retailers and logistic companies. Machine intelligence with IoT is also an extremely beneficial tool to improve resource management by finding inefficiencies or detecting resource leaks.
What is an IoT PoC?
IoT Proof of Concept is similar to a test run before the real implementation. It is a perfect way to introduce IoT into your business while verifying that the solution performs excellently. Utilizing IoT PoC allows you to experiment with the new model that benefits your operation process by evaluating your environment, collecting data, transforming & visualizing information, assessing performance, and other capabilities of digital transformation. Consult with our IoT Company in Vietnam to build your next PoC!
What are the most common real-life applications of IoT?
IoT devices have been so readily available that we sometimes forget it has only been possible so recently. Here are just a few examples of IoT in our lives. - Healthcare: Nowadays, your health can be monitored automatically and remotely in real-time. Sudden changes in temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and so on are quickly notified so you can take action fast before the condition gets worse. Data collected could help physicians choose the best course of treatment and reach expected outcomes. - Smart Home: Ever wanted to come home to a cool lit-up house on a hot summer day? You can do that now with smart homes. Everything in your house from lights, water flows, and alarms all from one place. Not only are you promoting security, but also making your life a lot easier. And don't worry about forgetting to turn off your oven ever again! - Smart City: The term “smart city” has been a popular concept where the Internet of Things applications improve urban infrastructure and make urban centers more efficient, cheaper, and easier to live in. An application example would be sensors tracking the traffic and controlling traffic lights to decongest traffic.