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What is Tanalink?

With Tanalink, planters are able to monitor each worker throughout their workday, how many plants they have harvested, and which areas they have covered. This allows planters to compensate workers more fairly, incentivize them to harvest hard to reach areas, and reward workers for work well done, ensuring more equitable workplaces and loyal workers.

For this project, Dirox leveraged Internet of Things and Python-Based A.I tools to create an ecosystem able to optimize all assets & processes for more sustainable results. 

How it Works


Platforms: iOS & Android & Web platform

Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, B (Bootstrap), Python (Flask framework)


Simple & Elegant PC & Mobile Apps

Tanalink uses 2 WebApps accessible from any device connected to the internet.

Improved Efficiency & Reduced Wastes

Monitor workers in action and track what has been harvested, and more importantly, what hasn’t. This allows to reduce losses by improving harvest coverage and increasing yield from crops.

Daily Operations Management

By connecting you to all your moving assets, TanaLink monitors manuring on plantations, send alerts when areas need to be treated, and improve overall coverage, optimizing yield thanks to A.I tools.

Surveillance & Security

Real-time connexion to your plantation: monitor when bins are full, track live progress during harvesting, be alerted of wildlife presence nearby or on your plantation – just in time to alert your workers.