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What is HTML?


HTML is a markup language created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1993. Since then, many versions of HTML emerged. The latest one is HTML5 which was founded in 2004 and published in 2012, including the newest features that made many things possible since the last version such as adding audio and video with a single tag, and a drawing pad where you can freely append interactive features like animations, games, and so on with Javascript. HTML is the most popular language used to create text file documents to create a website. Our team of coders at Dirox - a French software development outsourcing company in Vietnam - are proficient in HTML development, as well as other web programming languages such as CSS and Javascript.


The most common use for HTML is in web development. It is a language that describes the structures of a web page. With this programming language, authors can publish online documents, retrieve online information, including audios and videos directly in the documents, design forms for conducting transactions with remote services, booking online, and so on. You can still build a complete website with HTML, other than displaying text, audio, or video, it… doesn’t do much more. Hence why incorporating other coding languages gives it a makeover, which would look and function like this website, or most other websites you’ve encountered.


With HTML5, you get an improved markup as it enables developers to use cleaner codes. Because of how widely used it is, HTML5 makes any website readable by developers familiar with the latest web programming languages. The new updates to this version also allow developers to use a lot of the rich media elements that weren't supported previously so fewer plugins are needed and the code can be shorter and more organized. The best feature that HTML5 offers is offline application cache, which loads the page the user has visited even if they are temporarily offline. This helps files load faster and reduce the load on servers.

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Why Outsource HTML Development?

Flexible & Scalable
Get the development resources you need when you need them. Upscale or downsize your outsourced coding team and manage their time according to your schedule, whether it's by the day, month, or longer.
Top-Notch Code Quality
Our developers work hand in hand with our Quality Assessment department to make sure that delivered code have been thoroughly tested and optimized for the best performance and reliability.
Cost Effective Solutions
Hire highly-skilled software engineers from Vietnam at a fraction of the cost of in-house hiring. Save money on recruiting, training, infrastructure, and turnover, while enjoying the competitive offshore rates of Southeast Asia.
Fast and Responsive
Start your next project in no time at all with minimal downtime. Our teams are always ready and communicate efficiently with you, providing proactive feedback and reports throughout the project.
Amplify Your Capabilities with Skilled IT Professionals
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Collaboration Models

We offer various organizational frameworks to best accommodate your goals and needs for customized services.
Fixed Priced Project
We work with you to define a detailed scope of work based on your requirements and a fixed timeline, then deliver that exact scope for a fixed price.
Time & Material
With our à la carte model, you have access to the offshore resources you need when you need them, and for the duration you require, all at our standard rates.
Build, Operate & Transfer
We build and manage tailored legal entities for you, handling everything from team composition to HR and accounting. And when the time is right, we transfer the entire department to your company.
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Your Questions About HTML

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How many HTML coders do I need to make my website come true?

It all depends on how big your web development project is and how many people are already on your team. Building a website can be a complicated process that requires everyone to work in sync and for the project manager to have a good vision of how the website can reach more people, raise brand awareness and generate more revenues.

At Dirox, we have a team of HTML developers for hire who not only have the expertise to get the job done fast and simple, but also have the soft skills to fit right in with your team.

What does the DOCTYPE declaration in HTML do?

The DOCTYPE has to precede any markup in the document. It specifies the element type of the document’s root element (HTML), a public identifier, and a system identifier.

The DOCTYPE declaration tells a program or browser that checks the validity of a web page about which “document type definition” to test for compliance. This didn’t mean anything to browsers until recently when they read the DOCTYPE declaration for a completely different purpose which is to decide if the page is ‘modern’ (and presumably standards compliant) or not.

What are the drawbacks of HTML?

The drawback is… there is no drawback! If it’s used correctly and together with other programming languages.

When it stands alone, the biggest limitation is that it is static, boring, and simply unappealing. Another thing that often gets complained about is having to create a different file for a different webpage, even if the elements are the same. This can get really out of hand and frustrating if the project is too large.

On the note of browser compatibility, HTML files sometimes register change slowly, or not at all if the browsers are too old to render new tags.

Why is HTML important?

The answer is simple… it makes web pages on the Internet visible. And with the rise of the Internet where its usage is becoming so intertwined in our lives - from Google searches, brand research, and social media browsing as well as instant messaging - websites are becoming a billion-dollar industry, and HTML plays a big part in making them come true!

At Dirox, aside from outsourcing our developers, our firm also outsources software and website development offshore in Vietnam. Consult with us to get your rates!