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What is Laravel?


Laravel, which competes with Symfony for the title of “the best PHP framework” every year, was created by Tyler Otwell and first released in 2011. Around this time, the most popular PHP framework was CodeIgniter but had limitations that inspired Tyler to create an alternative that resolves that. New versions are continuously updated to address the issues that developers have faced or improve the framework better. Laravel has built-in support for localization, views, dealing with sessions, routing requests to a specific owner, and more.


Laravel introduces itself as the PHP framework for web artisans. It is most often used to build web applications written in PHP. To be clearer, this multi-purpose back-end framework can be used to build static and dynamic web pages, single-page applications (SPA), multi-page applications (MPA), e-commerce websites, enterprise-level applications, portal web apps, content management systems, social network sites, and so many more. Laravel has also been built in procurement management systems, healthcare SaaS solutions for transferring lab tests, automated legal contract generation, and digital signage software for advertising.


Laravel simplifies the development process, meaning that your project will be executed quickly and efficiently. Its extensive online documentation allows Laravel to be used in a more productive manner. This framework is also highly scalable and has a massive ecosystem and community that supports each other, which further facilitates the development process. The simplicity, effective authentication, and authorization solutions, and template engines give more reasons for businesses to use this framework. Laravel is widely used by various global organizations.

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Why Outsource Laravel Development?

Flexible & Scalable
Get the development resources you need when you need them. Upscale or downsize your outsourced coding team and manage their time according to your schedule, whether it's by the day, month, or longer.
Top-Notch Code Quality
Our developers work hand in hand with our Quality Assessment department to make sure that delivered code have been thoroughly tested and optimized for the best performance and reliability.
Cost Effective Solutions
Hire highly-skilled software engineers from Vietnam at a fraction of the cost of in-house hiring. Save money on recruiting, training, infrastructure, and turnover, while enjoying the competitive offshore rates of Southeast Asia.
Fast and Responsive
Start your next project in no time at all with minimal downtime. Our teams are always ready and communicate efficiently with you, providing proactive feedback and reports throughout the project.
Amplify Your Capabilities with Skilled IT Professionals
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Collaboration Models

We offer various organizational frameworks to best accommodate your goals and needs for customized services.
Fixed Priced Project
We work with you to define a detailed scope of work based on your requirements and a fixed timeline, then deliver that exact scope for a fixed price.
Time & Material
With our à la carte model, you have access to the offshore resources you need when you need them, and for the duration you require, all at our standard rates.
Build, Operate & Transfer
We build and manage tailored legal entities for you, handling everything from team composition to HR and accounting. And when the time is right, we transfer the entire department to your company.
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Your Questions About Laravel

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What are the distinct features of Laravel?

Here are a few key features that make Laravel a good choice of framework to build web applications. Laravel provides 20 built-in libraries and modules which enhance the application. Its testability and routing allow developers to be flexible. Other features that make developers favor this framework are: configuration management, query builder and ORM (object relational mapper), schema builder, template engine, authentication, and more. 

Is Laravel a client-side or server-side framework?

It is entirely a server-side framework as it runs on PHP. Laravel focuses heavily on data manipulation and strictly follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design. It allows you to use tools to build something like WordPress by yourself, and it’s not necessary to use the features that you don’t want. At Dirox, our developers who are proficient in coding PHP are also well-versed in Laravel. Consult with our expert tech engineers to learn about our rates and what Laravel can do for your business.

What are some examples of Lavarel uses?

Because it allows you to build scalable applications with a high level of security, there are many applications for Laravel. For example, it is used in e-commerce platforms and online stores. Your application can be personalized with Laravel which can surprise the visitors when communicating with your brand. Laravel also enables communication in B2B websites for contractors and employers. It can also be seen in e-learning and blog platforms such as Canvas and Coursera. Booking platforms choose this framework to facilitate payments and forums such as Flarum have complex and secure designs enabled by Lavarel tailored to the needs of the community.

Why should one use the Lavarel framework?

Aside from all the benefits mentioned when incorporating Lavarel into your project, you may want a few more reasons to convince you to use this framework. A professional Lavarel developer can quickly build you 5-8 web pages in a day or two, and faster development means faster results for businesses. Lavarel emphasizes security which is always a primary concern and generates better website performance. It is great for traffic handling and is extremely flexible. Laravel allows for easy third-party integration and simple website maintenance.