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What is Python?


Python is a high-level, interpreted programming language that was first released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. It was named after the famous British comedy group Monty Python, as Guido was a fan of their work.

Today, Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world, with a growing community of developers, and a large number of third-party libraries and frameworks available. According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2021, Python was ranked as the third most popular programming language, after JavaScript and Rust.


Python is used in web development, game development, machine learning and artificial intelligence, data analytics, data navigation, data visualization, programming applications, finance, SEO, design, desktop GUI and so much more. Some notable examples include:

- Instagram, which is built on Django, a popular Python web framework.

- Dropbox, which uses Python extensively for its backend services.

- YouTube, which uses Python for various tasks, including video transcoding and content recommendations.

At Dirox, our team of developers has a lot of practical knowledge along with a collaborative attitude who can join your team to help you achieve the most from Python! Here are some ways Python can help your business in its operations:

Data Analysis and Visualization: Python can help you analyze large volumes of data to make informed decisions.

Automation: Python can be used to automate processes such as data entry, report generation, and customer service. Automating these saves time and resources, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Web Development: Python can be used to build websites and web applications. This makes it an excellent tool for businesses that rely on online platforms to interact with customers and conduct transactions.

Machine Learning: Python has become the go-to language for machine learning and artificial intelligence projects, and help automate tasks, identify patterns, and make predictions.

Natural Language Processing: Python's Natural Language Processing (NLP) libraries make it possible for businesses to analyze and understand human language. This enables businesses to build chatbots, automate customer service, and analyze customer feedback.


Python's popularity can be attributed to its simplicity, versatility, and ease of use. It has a clean and readable syntax that makes it easy for beginners to pick up, while still being powerful enough for experienced developers to create complex applications. Additionally, Python has a vast collection of third-party libraries and frameworks that can help developers get their projects up and running quickly. Python's popularity in the field of data science and machine learning is also due to its ease of use and the availability of powerful libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and TensorFlow.

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Why Outsource Python Development?

Flexible & Scalable
Get the development resources you need when you need them. Upscale or downsize your outsourced coding team and manage their time according to your schedule, whether it's by the day, month, or longer.
Top-Notch Code Quality
Our developers work hand in hand with our Quality Assessment department to make sure that delivered code have been thoroughly tested and optimized for the best performance and reliability.
Cost Effective Solutions
Hire highly-skilled software engineers from Vietnam at a fraction of the cost of in-house hiring. Save money on recruiting, training, infrastructure, and turnover, while enjoying the competitive offshore rates of Southeast Asia.
Fast and Responsive
Start your next project in no time at all with minimal downtime. Our teams are always ready and communicate efficiently with you, providing proactive feedback and reports throughout the project.
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We offer various organizational frameworks to best accommodate your goals and needs for customized services.
Fixed Priced Project
We work with you to define a detailed scope of work based on your requirements and a fixed timeline, then deliver that exact scope for a fixed price.
Time & Material
With our à la carte model, you have access to the offshore resources you need when you need them, and for the duration you require, all at our standard rates.
Build, Operate & Transfer
We build and manage tailored legal entities for you, handling everything from team composition to HR and accounting. And when the time is right, we transfer the entire department to your company.
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Your Questions About Python

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What are some popular brand names that use Python?

With the blown-up popularity of this programming language, not only have you had an extremely high chance of hearing about Python before reading this page, but also get a hint that Python is implemented into some of the most popular brand names, companies, and corporations. Dropbox, Quora, and Reddit, do they sound familiar yet? Well, listen to this, Spotify, Instagram, Youtube, Google, and NASA! And it doesn’t end there, high chance Python will be the language in our future AI and new technologies. 

Why is Python best for Artificial Intelligence?

We all know that AI is the new technology that is going to take us to the future. In fact, it is already around us, in algorithms, chatbots, and other various applications. And sometimes when the topic of “the best programming language for AI” usually answers “Python”. It could come as a surprise to many that despite being built for such a general purpose, it has made its way into some of the most complex applications such as AI, machine learning, deep learning, and so on. The reasons to use Python for AI are similar to why you should use it for most other applications: there’s less code, prebuilt libraries, ease of learning, platform-independent, and massive community support.

What are the disadvantages to Python?

Since Python is an interpreted language and dynamically typed, it often leads to slow execution of code, it also isn’t memory efficient to trade-off for every other benefit that it provides, so it isn’t preferred for projects that emphasize speed or memory efficiency. It also isn’t best for mobile computing, as seen that there are not many examples of mobile applications that use mainly Python. However, these drawbacks make so small of a dent in the benefits that it provides.

How can Python take my business to the next level?

You may be wondering why you need Python at all, after all, there are so many options for programming languages on the market. However, with it being adapted to so many various industries, it might come to benefit your business too. Its ease of use and versatility is what landed the language in different industries. Python enhances collaboration and allows people from other departments to be involved, and it enhances existing systems. Since the use of Python is so large, you might not even know where to apply it to. Our expert consultant at Dirox can help you fit Python in with your project and business needs. Give us a call to learn about the massive opportunities Python can open for you!