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What is TypeScript?


TypeScript is a programming language developed by Microsoft that is a superset of JavaScript. It is designed to help developers write more robust and scalable code by providing features such as static typing, interfaces, classes, and modules. TypeScript code is compiled to JavaScript, which makes it compatible with any browser, Node.js, or any other JavaScript environment. TypeScript's static type checking helps catch errors before the code is even run, reducing the likelihood of bugs and improving code maintainability. Its popularity has grown significantly in recent years, with many large companies such as Google, Airbnb, and Asana adopting it for their web development projects. At Dirox, our developers can proficiently incorporate TypeScript into your project.


TypeScript uses similar frameworks as JavaScript does, such as Angular, Bootstrap, Meteor, jQuery, and so on. It was developed with the ambition to improve the productivity of developing complex applications. It is now mainly used to build and manage large-scale JavaScript projects. The additional features like strong static typic, compilation and object-oriented programming all make TypeScript desirable. It is not critical to JavaScript but can be preferred over JavaScript due to all the benefits, features, and ease of development. One is not better than the other, just more fitting depending on the type of project. Consult with Dirox now to learn which programming language works best for you!


There are many advantages to using TypeScript. It has optional static typing, which is contrasting with JavaScript’s dynamic typing. For JavaScript, that means the errors are scanned, checked, and warned only during runtime. For TypeScript, that happens during the development so any error can be fixed right away before it snowballs into a bigger issue. Thanks to the addition of strict types, it also has better readability. This is important when working on a big project with many other developers, in general, it will speed up the process and complete the project faster. Because TypeScript is among the popular languages, there is support for it everywhere, from communities to integrated development environments (IDE) with features such as code navigation, auto-complete, and accurate suggestions.

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Why Outsource TypeScript Development?

Flexible & Scalable
Get the development resources you need when you need them. Upscale or downsize your outsourced coding team and manage their time according to your schedule, whether it's by the day, month, or longer.
Top-Notch Code Quality
Our developers work hand in hand with our Quality Assessment department to make sure that delivered code have been thoroughly tested and optimized for the best performance and reliability.
Cost Effective Solutions
Hire highly-skilled software engineers from Vietnam at a fraction of the cost of in-house hiring. Save money on recruiting, training, infrastructure, and turnover, while enjoying the competitive offshore rates of Southeast Asia.
Fast and Responsive
Start your next project in no time at all with minimal downtime. Our teams are always ready and communicate efficiently with you, providing proactive feedback and reports throughout the project.
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Collaboration Models

We offer various organizational frameworks to best accommodate your goals and needs for customized services.
Fixed Priced Project
We work with you to define a detailed scope of work based on your requirements and a fixed timeline, then deliver that exact scope for a fixed price.
Time & Material
With our à la carte model, you have access to the offshore resources you need when you need them, and for the duration you require, all at our standard rates.
Build, Operate & Transfer
We build and manage tailored legal entities for you, handling everything from team composition to HR and accounting. And when the time is right, we transfer the entire department to your company.
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Your Questions About TypeScript

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Will TypeScript replace JavaScript?

No, at least not anytime soon. Since TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, developers who mainly work with TypeScript programming language need to be familiar and comfortable with JavaScript too.

Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, and TypeScript is not suitable for every type of project.

What are some other features of Typescript?

Many features make TypeScript unique. It is open-source and supports multi-paradigm like imperative, functional, generic, and object-oriented. It is considered an object-oriented and compiled programming language that supports different JavaScript languages.

TypeScript can be used to preserve the runtime of JavaScript. It can develop both client-side and server-side just like JavaScript, and it is considered both a computer programming language and a set of tools.

Does Google use TypeScript?

Google officially added TypeScript as their official language a few years back, in the same category as Dort.

Currently, Google uses TypeScript and Angular on TypeScript for its famous platforms such as Google Analytics, Firebase, and Google Cloud Platform including critical internal tools such as bug tracking, employee reviews, product approval, and launch tools.

What are the disadvantages of TypeScript?

The downside cannot weigh against the benefits, however, there are still some worth mentioning. TypeScript is an overly complicated typing system which sometimes makes it hard to utilize it properly. Another argument against TypeScript is that it requires compilation when JavaScript doesn’t.

The benefit of checking errors in the code to warn developers is also a double-edged sword, as it can make developers rely on it too much. At Dirox, our developers are proficient in coding with TypeScript and take many steps to make sure these downsides don’t affect them.